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Antikankeractiviteit en potentieel klinisch gebruik van rijstzemelenextracten en fermentatieproducten.

Rice bran extracts still play a key role in regulating innate immune activity. Consumption of MGN-3/ImunoBran for 30 days significantly increased NK cell activity in geriatric subjects (over 65 years). A study involving multiple myeloma patients also suggested that dietary supplementation with MGN-3/ImunoBran helped increase NK cell activity. The function of activated NK cells is to help recognize and kill cancer cells, which is essential for cancer prevention and immunotherapy. Another clinical effect of rice bran extracts is the regulation of gastrointestinal functions. Defense MGN-3/ImunoBran administration significantly alleviates clinical symptoms in patients with diarrhea-predominant or mixed-type irritable bowel syndrome.

The anti-cancer activity and potential clinical application of rice bran extracts and fermentation products